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Process post on resist

So I’m experimenting with watercolor resist, a.k.a. liquid frisket. I’m usually of the mindset that if you want to keep the paper white, don’t paint on it. Simple. If you accidentally paint on some spot, well that spot just wasn’t meant to be white. However, I found a photo with water that inspires me to actually put the effort into trying resist. I’ve been wanting to paint water ever since I saw the Anders Zorn exhibit last month. Obviously I’m not as good as Zorn, but I am happy with the results as a first attempt at water.


So first I figure out the composition with watercolor pencil and then resist all the white sparkles of the water. I tried using an acrylic brush for the resist but I ended up being much happier with a small cheap watercolor brush.


Next, I paint all the water and her back, wait for it to dry, and then add a layer to start defining her ass.



Once it’s all dry, I can add another layer to really push everything darker in the darks and more saturated everywhere else:



Oh and I added a bunch of fiddle-y details. When I took this photo I was trying to decide of I was read to start taking the resist off.


The next morning I rubbed the resist off and added some white gouache to the spots I forgot to resist, and colored in some details to the resisted areas.

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